What Is A Capture Page Supposed To Do For Your Business?


Why Is A Capture Page Used For

In this post you will learn what is a capture page and how it will help your business.

A capture page is a huge part of the automation process when it comes to setting your business on autopilot.

Meaning you can step away from your business and still generate leads and sales.

Did you get started to work 24/7 in your business? Or work a few hours and spend the rest of the day doing what you love  to do.

I am thinking you started to have more time for yourself and loved ones. 🙂

That is the reason I got started.

But that is not what happened at first.

I ended up driving around putting sticky notes on cars,

spent hours on social media posting irrelevant, spammy pictures

And talked to people that were not even interested in starting their own business.

I was putting way too much time into pointless tasks that would take me hours to complete with getting little to no results.

So once I discovered this thing called a capture page.

Things started to change.

And the same thing will happen for you when you utilize a capture page.

You will not get free lead capture page templates but I will give you examples.

Down below is the lead capture definition and a lead capture website I use.

 What Is A Capture Page Defined

So what is a  capture page? It is a simple webpage with one purpose to capture visitors information. It can also be called a squeeze page.

This page is specifically designed to capture emails, names, numbers. Then those visitors become your leads.

Think about it you  can send anything to their inbox.

Which is why you want to be very true to what you promised when you send something to your list.

If you are wondering what is a lead capture page, well it is  the same thing. And down below is  a link to lead capture page software I use.

Now you may have heard of the term landing page.

A  landing page is like a home base . It could be your blog  or website.

A  link on your landing page can go to your capture page.

Learn What Is A Capture Page Free Offer


So now that you know what is  a capture page and people will give you there information for what they really want which is your free offer.

Some ideas for your free offer could be:

  • Released a course over a certain amount of days.
  • EBook
  • Podcast
  • Checklist or To Do List
  • Webinars: Live or Previous
  • Consulting
  • Free video series

Now let’s talk about what to write on your capture page to get visitors interested in entering their information.

Know your audience and what their problems are. What do they need a solution too?

  1. On the capture page describe a problem your audience is experiencing. It is important to stick with one main topic.  If you have multiple ideas create multiple offers.
  2. Then offer a solution to your audience in exchange for their information. You can create your offers in any of those forms I stated above.
  3. Then make sure to follow through and deliver whatever you promised. You can follow up with an auto-responder.
  4. After you have their information continue to provide value on a regular bases related to what your audience is interested in.

*It is okay to have multiple lists. With different people, and different interests.

Tools you might want to use:

Capture Page: I use LeadPages. I find it to be the best lead capture page.  It costs money but there are so many options. There are free lead capture page and autoresponder options.

I also use a blog that has A built in capture pagehttp://blognow.christinaspohr.com/

Auto-Responder: I use Aweber.  There are tons of options but I have found I like this one the best. http://aweber.rodandchristina.com/

Now that you know what a capture page is start building you email list with these 13 tips.


Okay so let’s recap, you learned “what is a capture page” and how to use it to get customers.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr


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