10 Small Business Video Marketing Tips Your Audience Could Use


Use Small Business Video Marketing Tips To Attract More Customers

In this post you will learn 10 small business video marketing tips to attract more customers to your business that are interested in what you are selling. Plus you will learn all the benefits of video marketing for business.

You see when I started marketing I was not making videos.

To be honest I was scared.

Are you scared to make videos?

I would hit the record button and start talking, and want to be perfect, not making a mistake and of  course I would say something wrong and have to stop the recording, delete and start over.

I swear my first video took over 50 takes. Sad right.

My fear hindered me and once I decided to make small business videos YouTube  was a great marketing tool.

So the first five tips will help give you an idea of small business video production.

  1. Remember nothing is easy the first time.

Think about the first time you started something… was it easy?

Maybe like the first time you dribbling a basketball, ranking a YouTube video, tied your shoe laces, read your first words,

Whatever it is you always have to start somewhere.

But the more you practice and persist the better you get. That is why it is important just to start making small business video marketing tips for your company.

2.Think about making a professional video. When producing the video you want to make sure you see your face.

You don’t want your face to be cut  off or that the light is so bad you can’t even see your face.

Also think about the noise. If your recording device sounds muffled or fuzzy, you might want to think about investing in a microphone.

Now you don’t have spend hundred’s of dollars on video equipment.  Down below I give you a list of affordable video equipment ideas on a budget.

  1. Think of one main objective in each video.

Think of one main topic for the video. If you have a lot to say make it in 2 or 3 short videos,  3-5 min.

At the end have a call to action, ask yourself what you want them to do at the end,

Go to a capture page, a fan page, like the video , share the video or comment.

  1. Are you aware of who your audience(target market) is? Do you know what there problems are?

By knowing the answer to these question it will help you make videos that your customers and potential customers will love because you can make videos geared towards them and their needs.  🙂

  1. Have you thought of your brand?Are you the Face of your brand? Have you thought about how you want to look on camera?

People are watching the video because they are curious about the headline. But getting to know you in the video is a bonus.

People don’t want to buy from robots or people that wont show there face.

I mean you like to know who you are buying from and make sure the what ever you are buying is legit and not fake.

The Advantages To Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Now that you have an idea of what type of videos you want to be making lets talk about the advantages to small business video marketing tips.

  1. Video Is Powerful.Scrolling through your news feed it is easy to stumble across a video.

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and there are tons of other social media platforms that I am sure you can think of.

Videos are everywhere if you really think about it.  Do you learn things from videos? Do you like to watch videos?

  1. Think about how appealingvideos are to watch. They are fun and a great way to communicate with your audience.

People have a short attention spans and videos can help keep your audience captivated.

  1. Videos help increase trustacross your audience and potential customers.

Your brand can come off as more human and sincere when you make videos for small businesses.

Like I said in 6 videos are powerful and they are everywhere. The more people see of you the more they will trust.

  1. It is nice to have a videos on your  blog or website.

This is a small business video marketing tips to make you look more professional.

Plus when you write a blog post it is nice to throw a video in there because some people may like to watch the video instead of read the blog post.

  1. Videos  In The  Future“Videos will account for almost three-quarters of Internet use in 2017.

By 2019, video traffic will increase  to about 80 percent of all Internet traffic.”-business2community

http://www.business2community.com/video-marketing/5-effective-video-marketing-ideas-small-businesses-01766656#6LtdGLyXT1Wc3KOE.97 Videos are great  because you can use video marketing for small local businesses.

Small Business Video Marketing Tips On A Budget

You may not have the money to spend on lights, video equipment or a camera man/woman but these small business video marketing tips below will help you out.

That is okay, I am going to give you video marketing small business tips on a budget.

  • Use your phone it has a camera.
    • I have an android and use, Game Screen Recorder.
  • If you have a little money to splurge. Get a Camera.
    • I have had a Nikon and Canon. One cost $800 the other $500. Just check quality of sound and video recorder when buying your camera. You want it to take pictures and record quality videos
  • Have a microphone for quality sound
  • Tripod for your camera or phone, this way you don’t have to hold your camera.

And most important, have fun! Stressing yourself out before the video will only make you more stressed. Just hit record and roll with it.

Your business video marketing will only get better! 🙂

Okay lets recap, in this post you learned 10 “small business video marketing tips” to help your business and also a list of affordable video equipment ideas on a budget.

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Christina Spohr


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