Master These 10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Why Have A List of Ideas For Your Blog Posts

In this post you will learn 10 ideas for your blog posts you can use today.

The best part about blogging is it is your words, your ideas

Your posts help your audience become more educated.

It is important to have different blog ideas because you do not want to keep blogging about the same things. So switch it up and make it interesting and engaging for your audience.

You can blog about pretty much anything; food, fitness, clothing, makeup, marketing tips, gardening, DIY projects, and the list could go on.

This is not a blog post ideas generator.  These ideas are meant to be used for multiple blog topics like the ideas I gave you above.

10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Here are 10 ideas for blog posts in your business.

Remember you can use the blog post topics more than once. Think of multiple ideas for one of these points.

  1. Write something personal. Personal blog post ideas would be sharing your success, failures and life lessons.
  2. Create a fun content like a contest.  Fun blog post ideas would be a fitness challenge or a blog challenge. Jokes, videos etc.
  3. Make guides and tutorials. Blog post ideas beauty related would be make up tutorials.
  4. Share a quote that inspires you and write what it means to you.
  5. Think of someone who wants to start what you are doing today, and write a step by step outline telling them what they need to get started.
  6. Publish cheat sheets, checklists and to do lists. An example of fashion blog post ideas would be a cheat sheet of deals available online.
  7. Share something you have read lately that could help your audience.  Blog post ideas lifestyle example is a travel agent sharing an interesting article or travel book.
  8. Do you use any tools or applications that make you day easier?
  9. Write about someone that motivates/inspires you.
  10. Create a list post like the one you are reading now.

What To Do Next With These 10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Now that you know plenty of ideas for blog posts to get you started.

Go start blogging.

Now let’s recap everything you learned.

You learned 10 “ideas for blog posts” that you can use for pretty much any blog theme.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr


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