How To Use A Link Shortener For Business

What Is A Link Shortener

In this post we will talk about the pros and cons about using a link shortener.

But first let’s talk about what it is.

So you know those really super long URLs that look like this;dskjflsfj-=skff=/sdflijkfm=/sdfoksldf/

Well a link shortener makes that long link a short link like this,


Of course those are not real URLs but I am just showing you what it would look like.

Should You Use A Link Shortener?

So should you use a link shortener?

First of like we said a pro is the length of the URL. Which is super  short and does not look messy if you post on your social media profiles.

This is also useful if there are restrictions on the length of a post. Like twitter. But there is a URL shortener twitter offers when you share it.

Some link shorteners track your analytics. Meaning how many people click your link and from where.

So let’s talk about the cons.

The authenticity of the site is brought into question.  People are not sure if this is a bad URL leading to spam or a junk site.

You also have to keep in mind that a lot of  social media sites are offering free analytics like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so you might not really need the link shortener.

And from what I understand these link shorteners can be hacked easy.

Where To Find A Link Shortener

Now that you know the pros and cons about a link shortener let’s talk about the best URL shortener for you to use.

None of these are a custom URL shortener. In bitly you can change the end of the URL but bitly picks they main part of the link.

1. Snips

2. Bitly

3. Tiny URL,

4. Yourls

And there are others.

I personally use Snips because of the referral program.

I gave you all the information about a “link shortener” now you have to decide if you want a link shortened or not.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

P.S. I want to hear your thoughts- Comment Below-

What are your thoughts on using link shorteners?

Do you click on shortened links?


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