The Hidden Mystery Behind What To Post On Your Blog


Why Blogging Will Help Your Business

You might be interested in blogging but are not quite sure what to post on your blog.

No need to worry I am going to give you 20 ideas you can blog about.

But first I want to share with you why blogging  will help your business.

When I started online I was not  blogging and I definitely did not think I would end up blogging.

I believed by  just post pictures on social media sites, people would want to buy what I was selling.

I mean I thought it was great.

But not everyone thought that.

Because I was selling to everyone.

So once I figured out How to find my target market.

And figured out that providing value.

For example solving a problem that my target market has and writing a blog post about it.

This got people interested because I was posting content that they can learn from and helps them in their life and in their business.

This is why I wanted to share with you 20 blog post topics that can get you started.

Blogging should not be a chore or something you dread.

Blogging is fun, creative and your own style.

That is what makes blogs so unique is when you make your own twist to it.

Remember there is no one out there like you.

30 Content Ideas To Get You Started

I bet you are ready to learn what to post on your blog so let dive into the 30 ideas.

You can blog about pretty much anything, but some popular blog topics are;

Self-improvement, health and fitness, travel tips, recipes (dessert, healthy), cosmetics,

Easy cooking for families tips, DIY projects, gardening, video games, wine/beer and the list could go on.

So lets dive into the 20 unique blog ideas.

1. Ask yourself, is there a problem in your market? Do people have questions about it? If so publish a post or posts about those problems.

2. Do you have tools or applications that help your work productivity? Create a list of useful apps and tools that save you time or you find useful.

3. What products or  services can you compare and contrast? Think of your market. If you are a fitness blog you would compare and contrast fitness apps.

4. Have you read anything lately ? Will it inspire or help your target market? Write about it.

5. If someone was about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know to get started?

6. Have you learned anything new this past year that could be taught?

7.  Make a glossary of terms for your industry that people might not know or be confused about.

8. Create a blog contest: For example a 21 day blog challenge to get people involved and going or a 30 day fitness challenge.

9. Write a review on books, products, films. Give your honest opinion.  There are two kinds of reviews a straight review of a on thing or a compare and contrast review of multiple related things.

10. Make guides and tutorials that help your audience. For example you can do a makeup tutorial or fitness guide.

11. Share who you believe to be the most inspirational/motivational people. Such as Steve jobs or Elon Musk.

12. Create something personal. Personal blog post ideas would be sharing your successes, life lessons and failures. People can learn from your mistakes or relate to them.

13. Share a quote and what it means to you.

14. Have fun. Example of fun blog ideas would be to make a quiz.  Create your own quiz here.

15. Publish posts about marketing tips and secrets.

16. Think of a step by step post solving your customers and audiences problems like how-to posts and tutorials.

17. Create a list post, like the one you are reading right now. It is effective and easy to read.

18. Publish cheat sheets, check lists and to-do lists and as a bonus offer a PDF printable download. Like a travel check list.

19. Publish a interview. Do you know someone that would inspire your audience?

20. Have guest posts.

This is a list of ideas not a blog topic generator.

What To Post On Your Blog Questions

You learned what to post on your blog.

Now you can either use this information and start blogging today.

Or just decide to wait because you feel like your not ready.

Or your scared

Or  you feel like this is not for  you.

But let me ask you

What are all the top marketers doing? What are all the top people doing in your business?

Think about…

How do you learn about stuff?

You read about it or watch a video


Which is on someone’s blog probably.

So should you not be doing the same thing?

I want to hear from you and your thoughts on “what to post on your blog.”

1. What are your thoughts on blogging?

2. If you are not blogging now… Why are you not, what is holding you back?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr


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