13 Free Email Marketing Tips To Get Subscribers

13 Free Email Marketing Tips

These 13 free email marketing tips will get people to subscribe and reading your emails.

Email marketing can be frustrating.

I know because I thought the same thing.

But once I learned the best email marketing tips and tricks it became a whole lot more fun.

And the same thing will happen for you.

Keep reading to find out the 13 best email marketing tips.

Free Email Marketing Tips To Get Subscribers

In these free email marketing tips you will learn how to get subscribers to subscribe.

In order to get people on your email list you need a capture page.

This is a page that lets you capture peoples emails.

I use a blogging platform that has a built in capture page.

So let’s look at the email marketing strategy.

  1. Topic: Think about what you want to send out in your emails.
  2. Free Offer: Create a Free Offer, something that will be of value to your audience and make them want to subscribe to your list.  Do you want your free offer to be a download, an ebook, an audio, a video series….?
  3. Catchy Headline:Create a catchy headline and description to get them to give you there email. This is where your free offer comes in. 🙂
  4. Shareyour capture page link on your social media accounts, in your YouTube descriptions, and on your blog so people see your offer.

** keep in mind not to spam it all over the place, share it in moderation.

  1. Follow Up: Once people opt in stay true to what you promised. Send them there free offer. Then create a follow up series that sends information that is interesting, funny, insightful, motivational or  tips and advice.  Switch it up make it interesting to read.

Free Email Marketing Tips To Get People To Open Emails

With these free email marketing tips get subscribers to read your emails.

Now that you are getting subscribers you want to keep them engaged and interested in what you are sending.

Let’s talk about how to write effective email marketing content.

  1. Ask yourself:Would you rather want to open an email from a friend or a major corporation? 7. Be A Friend: When writing your emails act like you are writing to a friend. Imagine someone is sitting across from you. Act like you are speaking to them and having a conversation.
  2. Ask Questions: Make your content engaging. By asking questions and speaking to them like a friend. People can help but respond to the question’s while reading. Which makes it engaging.
  3. 9. Time Is Expensive: When you send out an email it is important to think to yourself, “Is this relevant to my message? Will this be helpful?
  4. 10. Think Of Your Subscribers:I know you love you business and you want everyone else to love it.  And they will if you show value on the front side.
  5. Experiment: It is okay to try different things as long as it is relevant to why your subscribers subscribed. Throw a little twist in there and make it interesting see what works and doesn’t work.
  6. Reward Your Subscriber: Give people a reward for reading with tips, inspirations, feel good videos, etc.
  7. Clear Call To Action: Be clear in what you want your reader to do at the end.

If you want some marketing email examples just subscribe to other marketers lists and read theirs.

You learned how to do email marketing with these 13″free email marketing tips”.

I want to hear from you down below.

Are you going to create an email list?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

p.s. I use Awber as an email autoresponder and they do have marketing email templates in their site.



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