5 Tricks To Using Instagram Hashtags To Increase Your Likes

Why Use Hashtags And Search Instagram Hashtags

In this post you will learn 5 tips to search Instagram hashtags for your business.

Let me ask you if you post a picture on Instagram,

how does your picture get seen by a mass audience if you only have 200 friends?

Well quite frankly it does not.

That is why hashtags are so powerful when you post on Instagram.

People search Instagram followers, tags, places and top posts.

This  is why the Instagram search bar is  so powerful.

It lets you search for specific things that you want to see.

How To Search Instagram Hashtags To Find Customers

Now it is time to learn how to search Instagram Hashtags with a specific purpose.

That is to target your market.  Meaning Instagramers that could potentially follow you and become a customer.


So let say you sell jewelry online.

You post a beautiful picture of your new piece of jewelry.

And hashtag #nature #life #entrepreneur #quote #necklace #bracelet #makeup #love #jewelry #bling etc.

Is any of that relevant with jewelry? I count 3 maybe 4 (include #bling).

All those other hashtags should be saved for a relevant post.

Like an actual quote or a nature picture.

Make sense?

5 Tips To Search Instagram Hashtags For Your Business

Let talk about those 5 tips to search Instagram hashtags that help you find followers and customers.

And them finding you. 🙂

You will learn how to get likes and engagement on your photos and videos.

As well as how to use the search bar on Instagram.

  1. When you post a photo remember to use relevant hashtags.

If it has nothing to do with the photo don’t use it.

It will only make people mad who use that hashtag to see a specific image.

Keep in mind it could be marked as spam if it is irrelevant.

  1. Going overboard with a 6 word hashtag probably doesn’t get many posts.

So people won’t necessarily search that hashtag and no one but your followers will see that post.

Which brings me to my next point.

  1. Keep it short sweet and to the point. Use no more then 3 – 5 hashtags per post.
  1. Finding the right hashtags.

When you use a hashtag a number next to the word will pop up.

This tells you how many people have posted using that hashtag.

This lets you know if it is a popular hashtag.

If it has 10 posts I personally would not use it, it is not a known hashtag.

  1. Use the Instagram search bar with specific hashtags to find potential

followers and customers that will love your content and your business.

Type in things relevant to your business, and what your customers would like to see.

After you type in specific hashtag in search bar, like and comment on other people’s posts.

You have learned everything about “search Instagram hashtags” to have followers and customers

finding you and you finding them.

I want to hear your thoughts on using #hashtags.

Do you know what specific hashtags to use for your business?

Did you know hashtags had a purpose?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr


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