How To Use Instagram Analytics To Find Customers

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How To Use Instagram Analytics To Find Your Customers



Do you want to learn how to use Instagram analytics?

Well keep reading and you will find out!  😀


Have you ever asked yourself who is your target market?


Also meaning who is  your audience,

Do you have more women or men followers?

When are they active online?

Where do they live?

How old are they?



Do you know the answer to these questions?


If not then this is why Instagram analytics free tool will

benefit you when it comes to finding your customers.


How you’re wondering?


Well when you share a photo; the likes, comments, shares, clicks, visits, etc,

will be analyzed and put into data. All for free. Just for you. 🙂



Now if you want to access these analytics you need to switch to the Instagram business profile.


There you will find the  Instagram analytics tool in the upper right had corner on your profile page.





Learn How To Use Instagram Analytics Features


Let’s dive in and learn  How to use Instagram analytics features.


Previously I posted quotes, jokes, life pictures,

But no blog post, no tips or anything really

of value that would help you in your business.



So I took 30 days to see if a new strategy paid off.

I started incorporating daily tips you can

implement in your business.

I quickly saw a value based business

will lead to happy customers and happy you!


Let’s learn how to use Instagram analytics features.


When you first open your analytics page it will be blank. (only if you just switched to your business profile and have never posted)



Now you will see sections for Impressions, Reach and Engagement.


Impressions are the total number of times your post has been seen.

Reach is the  number of unique profiles that have seen your post.

Engagement is the number of likes and comments your post gets.



If you click on the “see more” on the Followers section

you can see how many followers you have, gender and age range.


Keep scrolling down and you will see

Top Locations and Followers.


You will also learn what time

your followers are active.




Do You Know How To Use Instagram Analytics For Your Business?


Now that you know how to use Instagram analytics various features

let’s remember this is a social site. Speak like you are speaking to a friend.

Like I am to you. 🙂




You now know “how to use Instagram analytics” to find your target market.

You also know all the great Instagram analytics free features in the business profile.


What are you going to do next?

Let me know!


Your Friend,

Christina Spohr




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