What Is A Capture Page Supposed To Do For Your Business?


Why Is A Capture Page Used For

In this post you will learn what is a capture page and how it will help your business.

A capture page is a huge part of the automation process when it comes to setting your business on autopilot.

Meaning you can step away from your business and still generate leads and sales.

Did you get started to work 24/7 in your business? Or work a few hours and spend the rest of the day doing what you love  to do.

I am thinking you started to have more time for yourself and loved ones. ūüôā

That is the reason I got started.

But that is not what happened at first.

I ended up driving around putting sticky notes on cars,

spent hours on social media posting irrelevant, spammy pictures

And talked to people that were not even interested in starting their own business.

I was putting way too much time into pointless tasks that would take me hours to complete with getting little to no results.

So once I discovered this thing called a capture page.

Things started to change.

And the same thing will happen for you when you utilize a capture page.

You will not get free lead capture page templates but I will give you examples.

Down below is the lead capture definition and a lead capture website I use.

 What Is A Capture Page Defined

So what is a  capture page? It is a simple webpage with one purpose to capture visitors information. It can also be called a squeeze page.

This page is specifically designed to capture emails, names, numbers. Then those visitors become your leads.

Think about it you  can send anything to their inbox.

Which is why you want to be very true to what you promised when you send something to your list.

If you are wondering what is a lead capture page, well it is  the same thing. And down below is  a link to lead capture page software I use.

Now you may have heard of the term landing page.

A  landing page is like a home base . It could be your blog  or website.

A  link on your landing page can go to your capture page.

Learn What Is A Capture Page Free Offer


So now that you know what is  a capture page and people will give you there information for what they really want which is your free offer.

Some ideas for your free offer could be:

  • Released a course over a certain amount of days.
  • EBook
  • Podcast
  • Checklist or To Do List
  • Webinars: Live or Previous
  • Consulting
  • Free video series

Now let’s talk about what to write on your capture page to get visitors interested in entering their information.

Know your audience and what their problems are. What do they need a solution too?

  1. On the capture page describe a problem your audience is experiencing. It is important to stick with one main topic.  If you have multiple ideas create multiple offers.
  2. Then offer a solution to your audience in exchange for their information. You can create your offers in any of those forms I stated above.
  3. Then make sure to follow through and deliver whatever you promised. You can follow up with an auto-responder.
  4. After you have their information continue to provide value on a regular bases related to what your audience is interested in.

*It is okay to have multiple lists. With different people, and different interests.

Tools you might want to use:

Capture Page: I use LeadPages. I find it to be the best lead capture page.  It costs money but there are so many options. There are free lead capture page and autoresponder options.

I also use a blog that has A built in capture page. http://blognow.christinaspohr.com/

Auto-Responder: I use Aweber.  There are tons of options but I have found I like this one the best. http://aweber.rodandchristina.com/

Now that you know what a capture page is start building you email list with these 13 tips.


Okay so let’s recap, you learned “what is a capture page” and how to use it to get customers.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr


10 Small Business Video Marketing Tips Your Audience Could Use


Use Small Business Video Marketing Tips To Attract More Customers

In this post you will learn 10 small business video marketing tips to attract more customers to your business that are interested in what you are selling. Plus you will learn all the benefits of video marketing for business.

You see when I started marketing I was not making videos.

To be honest I was scared.

Are you scared to make videos?

I would hit the record button and start talking, and want to be perfect, not making a mistake and of  course I would say something wrong and have to stop the recording, delete and start over.

I swear my first video took over 50 takes. Sad right.

My fear hindered me and once I decided to make small business videos YouTube  was a great marketing tool.

So the first five tips will help give you an idea of small business video production.

  1. Remember nothing is easy the first time.

Think about the first time you started something… was it easy?

Maybe like the first time you dribbling a basketball, ranking a YouTube video, tied your shoe laces, read your first words,

Whatever it is you always have to start somewhere.

But the more you practice and persist the better you get. That is why it is important just to start making small business video marketing tips for your company.

2.Think about making a professional video. When producing the video you want to make sure you see your face.

You don’t want your face to be cut ¬†off or that the light is so bad you can’t even see your face.

Also think about the noise. If your recording device sounds muffled or fuzzy, you might want to think about investing in a microphone.

Now you don’t have spend hundred’s of dollars on video equipment. ¬†Down below I give you a list of affordable video equipment ideas on a budget.

  1. Think of one main objective in each video.

Think of one main topic for the video. If you have a lot to say make it in 2 or 3 short videos,  3-5 min.

At the end have a call to action, ask yourself what you want them to do at the end,

Go to a capture page, a fan page, like the video , share the video or comment.

  1. Are you aware of who your audience(target market) is? Do you know what there problems are?

By knowing the answer to these question it will help you make videos that your customers and potential customers will love because you can make videos geared towards them and their needs. ¬†ūüôā

  1. Have you thought of your brand?Are you the Face of your brand? Have you thought about how you want to look on camera?

People are watching the video because they are curious about the headline. But getting to know you in the video is a bonus.

People don’t want to buy from robots or people that wont show there face.

I mean you like to know who you are buying from and make sure the what ever you are buying is legit and not fake.

The Advantages To Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Now that you have an idea of what type of videos you want to be making lets talk about the advantages to small business video marketing tips.

  1. Video Is Powerful.Scrolling through your news feed it is easy to stumble across a video.

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and there are tons of other social media platforms that I am sure you can think of.

Videos are everywhere if you really think about it.  Do you learn things from videos? Do you like to watch videos?

  1. Think about how appealingvideos are to watch. They are fun and a great way to communicate with your audience.

People have a short attention spans and videos can help keep your audience captivated.

  1. Videos help increase trustacross your audience and potential customers.

Your brand can come off as more human and sincere when you make videos for small businesses.

Like I said in 6 videos are powerful and they are everywhere. The more people see of you the more they will trust.

  1. It is nice to have a videos on your  blog or website.

This is a small business video marketing tips to make you look more professional.

Plus when you write a blog post it is nice to throw a video in there because some people may like to watch the video instead of read the blog post.

  1. Videos ¬†In The ¬†Future“Videos will account for almost three-quarters of Internet use in 2017.

By 2019, video traffic will increase¬† to about 80 percent of all Internet traffic.”-business2community

http://www.business2community.com/video-marketing/5-effective-video-marketing-ideas-small-businesses-01766656#6LtdGLyXT1Wc3KOE.97 Videos are great  because you can use video marketing for small local businesses.

Small Business Video Marketing Tips On A Budget

You may not have the money to spend on lights, video equipment or a camera man/woman but these small business video marketing tips below will help you out.

That is okay, I am going to give you video marketing small business tips on a budget.

  • Use your phone it has a camera.
    • I have an android and use, Game Screen Recorder.
  • If you have a little money to splurge. Get a Camera.
    • I have had a Nikon and Canon. One cost $800 the other $500. Just check quality of sound and video recorder when buying your camera. You want it to take pictures and record quality videos
  • Have a microphone for quality sound
  • Tripod for your camera or phone, this way you don’t have to hold your camera.

And most important, have fun! Stressing yourself out before the video will only make you more stressed. Just hit record and roll with it.

Your business video marketing will only get better! ūüôā

Okay lets recap, in this post you learned 10 “small business video marketing tips” to help your business and also a list of affordable video equipment ideas on a budget.

Your Friend

Christina Spohr

Master These 10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Why Have A List of Ideas For Your Blog Posts

In this post you will learn 10 ideas for your blog posts you can use today.

The best part about blogging is it is your words, your ideas

Your posts help your audience become more educated.

It is important to have different blog ideas because you do not want to keep blogging about the same things. So switch it up and make it interesting and engaging for your audience.

You can blog about pretty much anything; food, fitness, clothing, makeup, marketing tips, gardening, DIY projects, and the list could go on.

This is not a blog post ideas generator.  These ideas are meant to be used for multiple blog topics like the ideas I gave you above.

10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Here are 10 ideas for blog posts in your business.

Remember you can use the blog post topics more than once. Think of multiple ideas for one of these points.

  1. Write something personal. Personal blog post ideas would be sharing your success, failures and life lessons.
  2. Create a fun content like a contest.  Fun blog post ideas would be a fitness challenge or a blog challenge. Jokes, videos etc.
  3. Make guides and tutorials. Blog post ideas beauty related would be make up tutorials.
  4. Share a quote that inspires you and write what it means to you.
  5. Think of someone who wants to start what you are doing today, and write a step by step outline telling them what they need to get started.
  6. Publish cheat sheets, checklists and to do lists. An example of fashion blog post ideas would be a cheat sheet of deals available online.
  7. Share something you have read lately that could help your audience.  Blog post ideas lifestyle example is a travel agent sharing an interesting article or travel book.
  8. Do you use any tools or applications that make you day easier?
  9. Write about someone that motivates/inspires you.
  10. Create a list post like the one you are reading now.

What To Do Next With These 10 Ideas For Blog Posts

Now that you know plenty of ideas for blog posts to get you started.

Go start blogging.

Now let’s recap everything you learned.

You learned 10 “ideas for blog posts” that you can use for pretty much any blog theme.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

How To Use A Link Shortener For Business

What Is A Link Shortener

In this post we will talk about the pros and cons about using a link shortener.

But first let’s talk about what it is.

So you know those really super long URLs that look like this


Well a link shortener makes that long link a short link like this,


Of course those are not real URLs but I am just showing you what it would look like.

Should You Use A Link Shortener?

So should you use a link shortener?

First of like we said a pro is the length of the URL. Which is super  short and does not look messy if you post on your social media profiles.

This is also useful if there are restrictions on the length of a post. Like twitter. But there is a URL shortener twitter offers when you share it.

Some link shorteners track your analytics. Meaning how many people click your link and from where.

So let’s talk about the cons.

The authenticity of the site is brought into question.  People are not sure if this is a bad URL leading to spam or a junk site.

You also have to keep in mind that a lot of  social media sites are offering free analytics like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so you might not really need the link shortener.

And from what I understand these link shorteners can be hacked easy.

Where To Find A Link Shortener

Now that you know the pros and cons about a link shortener let’s talk about the best URL shortener for you to use.

None of these are a custom URL shortener. In bitly you can change the end of the URL but bitly picks they main part of the link.

1. Snips

2. Bitly

3. Tiny URL,

4. Yourls

And there are others.

I personally use Snips because of the referral program.

I gave you all the information about a “link shortener” now you have to decide if you want a link shortened or not.

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

P.S. I want to hear your thoughts- Comment Below-

What are your thoughts on using link shorteners?

Do you click on shortened links?

The Hidden Mystery Behind What To Post On Your Blog


Why Blogging Will Help Your Business

You might be interested in blogging but are not quite sure what to post on your blog.

No need to worry I am going to give you 20 ideas you can blog about.

But first I want to share with you why blogging  will help your business.

When I started online I was not  blogging and I definitely did not think I would end up blogging.

I believed by  just post pictures on social media sites, people would want to buy what I was selling.

I mean I thought it was great.

But not everyone thought that.

Because I was selling to everyone.

So once I figured out How to find my target market.

And figured out that providing value.

For example solving a problem that my target market has and writing a blog post about it.

This got people interested because I was posting content that they can learn from and helps them in their life and in their business.

This is why I wanted to share with you 20 blog post topics that can get you started.

Blogging should not be a chore or something you dread.

Blogging is fun, creative and your own style.

That is what makes blogs so unique is when you make your own twist to it.

Remember there is no one out there like you.

30 Content Ideas To Get You Started

I bet you are ready to learn what to post on your blog so let dive into the 30 ideas.

You can blog about pretty much anything, but some popular blog topics are;

Self-improvement, health and fitness, travel tips, recipes (dessert, healthy), cosmetics,

Easy cooking for families tips, DIY projects, gardening, video games, wine/beer and the list could go on.

So lets dive into the 20 unique blog ideas.

1. Ask yourself, is there a problem in your market? Do people have questions about it? If so publish a post or posts about those problems.

2. Do you have tools or applications that help your work productivity? Create a list of useful apps and tools that save you time or you find useful.

3. What products or  services can you compare and contrast? Think of your market. If you are a fitness blog you would compare and contrast fitness apps.

4. Have you read anything lately ? Will it inspire or help your target market? Write about it.

5. If someone was about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know to get started?

6. Have you learned anything new this past year that could be taught?

7.  Make a glossary of terms for your industry that people might not know or be confused about.

8. Create a blog contest: For example a 21 day blog challenge to get people involved and going or a 30 day fitness challenge.

9. Write a review on books, products, films. Give your honest opinion.  There are two kinds of reviews a straight review of a on thing or a compare and contrast review of multiple related things.

10. Make guides and tutorials that help your audience. For example you can do a makeup tutorial or fitness guide.

11. Share who you believe to be the most inspirational/motivational people. Such as Steve jobs or Elon Musk.

12. Create something personal. Personal blog post ideas would be sharing your successes, life lessons and failures. People can learn from your mistakes or relate to them.

13. Share a quote and what it means to you.

14. Have fun. Example of fun blog ideas would be to make a quiz.  Create your own quiz here.

15. Publish posts about marketing tips and secrets.

16. Think of a step by step post solving your customers and audiences problems like how-to posts and tutorials.

17. Create a list post, like the one you are reading right now. It is effective and easy to read.

18. Publish cheat sheets, check lists and to-do lists and as a bonus offer a PDF printable download. Like a travel check list.

19. Publish a interview. Do you know someone that would inspire your audience?

20. Have guest posts.

This is a list of ideas not a blog topic generator.

What To Post On Your Blog Questions

You learned what to post on your blog.

Now you can either use this information and start blogging today.

Or just decide to wait because you feel like your not ready.

Or your scared

Or  you feel like this is not for  you.

But let me ask you

What are all the top marketers doing? What are all the top people doing in your business?

Think about…

How do you learn about stuff?

You read about it or watch a video


Which is on someone’s blog probably.

So should you not be doing the same thing?

I want to hear from you and your thoughts on “what to post on your blog.”

1. What are your thoughts on blogging?

2. If you are not blogging now… Why are you not, what is holding you back?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

Why Create A Call To Action Button On Facebook Now

Why Use A Call To Action Button On Facebook


If your reading this right now you want to know how to use the call to action button on Facebook in your business.

But first let me share with you why. When I started marketing online I would  share my opportunity all over social media, which was very spammy and no one liked my content or even bought from me.

Once I discovered a Facebook call to action example video it became a whole lot easier

to share my opportunity with people that were interested.

Much like the one you are watching right now.

Potential customers did not have to contact me they just had to click on the button.

This helped me promote my business without having to be spammy or pushy.

The best part is the Facebook call to action cost of the button is free.

How To Use A Call To Action Button On Facebook

Now that you know why you should use a call to action button on Facebook, let me show you how and where to find it.

I bet your wondering why don’t I have a  call to action button on my Facebook page.

Well in order to access your call to action button you have to go to your Facebook Fan Page.

If you’re not sure how to create a Fan Page I made a video showing you how to do just that.


Once you are on your page look at the banner photo.  In the bottom right.

Click on it and edit call to action button Facebook option.

Once you do this you will see a box pop up with multiple call to action button Facebook options.

Your Facebook call to action button is missing?

Visit¬† Facebooks FAQ’s – call to action button missing –https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1907075476180884?helpref=search&sr=3&query=call%20to%20action%20button%20missing

What Is A Call To Action Button On Facebook

Okay no that you have set up your call to action button on Facebook, be active.

Being active means post content and engage with others. This allows people to see your posts.  You just want to stay on their mind so they want to check out your page. If they are interested in knowing more they have the option to click the call to action button now.

I know these buttons are sweet and you might be wondering can you have more than one call to action button on Facebook?

Unfortunately you can only have one.

Okay so let’s recap everything you learned about a “call to action button on Facebook.”

You learned it will help promote your business or product in a non spammy way

You learned how to find the button. Such as the call to action button Facebook video option.

Your Friend

Christina Spohr

13 Free Email Marketing Tips To Get Subscribers

13 Free Email Marketing Tips

These 13 free email marketing tips will get people to subscribe and reading your emails.

Email marketing can be frustrating.

I know because I thought the same thing.

But once I learned the best email marketing tips and tricks it became a whole lot more fun.

And the same thing will happen for you.

Keep reading to find out the 13 best email marketing tips.

Free Email Marketing Tips To Get Subscribers

In these free email marketing tips you will learn how to get subscribers to subscribe.

In order to get people on your email list you need a capture page.

This is a page that lets you capture peoples emails.

I use a blogging platform that has a built in capture page.

So let’s look at the email marketing strategy.

  1. Topic: Think about what you want to send out in your emails.
  2. Free Offer: Create a Free Offer, something that will be of value to your audience and make them want to subscribe to your list. ¬†Do you want your free offer to be a download, an ebook, an audio, a video series….?
  3. Catchy Headline:Create a catchy headline and description to get them to give you there email. This is where your free offer comes in. ūüôā
  4. Shareyour capture page link on your social media accounts, in your YouTube descriptions, and on your blog so people see your offer.

** keep in mind not to spam it all over the place, share it in moderation.

  1. Follow Up: Once people opt in stay true to what you promised. Send them there free offer. Then create a follow up series that sends information that is interesting, funny, insightful, motivational or  tips and advice.  Switch it up make it interesting to read.

Free Email Marketing Tips To Get People To Open Emails

With these free email marketing tips get subscribers to read your emails.

Now that you are getting subscribers you want to keep them engaged and interested in what you are sending.

Let’s talk about how to write effective email marketing content.

  1. Ask yourself:Would you rather want to open an email from a friend or a major corporation? 7. Be A Friend: When writing your emails act like you are writing to a friend. Imagine someone is sitting across from you. Act like you are speaking to them and having a conversation.
  2. Ask Questions: Make your content engaging. By asking questions and speaking to them like a friend. People can help but respond to the question’s while reading. Which makes it engaging.
  3. 9. Time Is Expensive: When you send out an email it is important to think to yourself, “Is this relevant to my message? Will this be helpful?
  4. 10. Think Of Your Subscribers:I know you love you business and you want everyone else to love it.  And they will if you show value on the front side.
  5. Experiment: It is okay to try different things as long as it is relevant to why your subscribers subscribed. Throw a little twist in there and make it interesting see what works and doesn’t work.
  6. Reward Your Subscriber: Give people a reward for reading with tips, inspirations, feel good videos, etc.
  7. Clear Call To Action: Be clear in what you want your reader to do at the end.

If you want some marketing email examples just subscribe to other marketers lists and read theirs.

You learned how to do email marketing with these 13″free email marketing tips”.

I want to hear from you down below.

Are you going to create an email list?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

p.s. I use Awber as an email autoresponder and they do have marketing email templates in their site.


Learn How To Write A Blog Post Quickly Today

How To Write A Blog Post Quickly and Effectively

If you are reading this post you are wondering how to write a blog post quickly using the 7 step formula.

I mean I personally would not want to spend all day on one post.

Deciding what to write about, then what pictures to put in it, then going through rereading and proofing it.

Then deleting and cutting out huge chunks of paragraphs, moving sentences around.

Blah blah blah.

Basically writing a blog post can be discouraging, because of how time consuming it is.

But it does not have to be that way.

I will show you how to write a blog entry with this 7 formula fast, but this is not a blog post template.

7 Steps How To Write A Blog Post Quickly

This is a simple formula I started using when I wanted to learn how to write a blog post quickly.

When I first started blogging I was frustrated, one of my frustrations came from how time consuming it was.

I would spend one day on a whole post and not even be happy with it by the end of the day.

But because I  was not posting consistently and my blogging took so much of my time I barely had time for my clients and my social media accounts were neglected.

So I was not getting consistent traffic through blogging and no one was seeing my posts on social media because I was not being consistent.

So once I started following this formula it became  a whole  lot easier, and it will for you as well.

You will learn how to post a blog quickly with this formula.

So first decide if you want to write 1 post a week, 2, 3, 4, you get the gist. Once you decide how many you want to post a week times that by 4. Now you have you number of post you want to make this month.  Write that number down. That is one of your goals for your month. Completing all those posts and sharing them all over social media.

So… before you even start writing sit down for one hour and write down you topics and ideas you want to talk about this month. This way you plan out your content list ahead of time and when it comes to writing it you just have to pick from the list. If you don’t know what to write about think about your target market. What are their problems? What can you write about to solve their problems?

*If you’re not sure who your target market it read this other blog post I did that tells you how to find them.

***target market blogpost****

  1. Pick one topic you want to write about from the list.
  1. Think of 10-15 different headlines for your blog post topic.¬† If you think it is overwhelming to think of so many don‚Äôt worry it’s not.¬† It should¬† not take more than 20 minutes.

I will provide you with some free title generators below in the tools section to help you.

  1. Now make a list of what you want to talk about.  Or make an outline.  Whatever is easiest for you.  This just help you get your thoughts in order. This should take 10 minutes.  It does not have to be perfect.  Just an outline for  you to follow so you stay on point.
  1. Write your blog post and follow your outline.¬† While you’re writing act like someone is sitting across from you and you are explaining to them everything in person.¬† This helps me so I don‚Äôt sound like a robot.¬† I want you to feel like I am talking directly to you.
  1. You also want to add pictures that are relevant to what you are talking about.¬† This will be interesting for your readers.¬† Ask yourself, “do you like to¬† see pictures.?¬† Keep in mind to use royalty free photos.¬† You don‚Äôt want to take other people’s pictures.

If you don’t know anywhere to get pictures I will leave a few links down below for you.

  1. After you finish writing go through and do all your edits.  I suggest you keep writing when your thoughts are flowing this way you don’t lose your train of thought. If you go through and reread every paragraph it  is hard to get in a  flow.  That is why I like to edit at the end.
  1. Optional: Create a featured image for your blog that your audience will love.  A featured image is used when people share your blog post. I like to use the headlines.

There are tools you can use to help you, and I will share them with you down below.

Keep in mind while you are reviewing your post ask yourself, ” did I stay on point? Did I veer off topic? Will my audience learn something? Or will they be inspired?”

Let’s say I am doing a post on how to get rid of blackheads. Half way through the post I start talking about how to apply foundation. That is veering off track. So if you think of a new topic just write it down that way you can come back to it later and write a post about it as well.¬† Now you have two posts.

How To Write A Blog Post Quickly Using These Tools

Now that you learned how to write a blog post quickly let me show you the tools I use that help speed up the process.

To help me generate titles here are two that I use Tweak Your Biz (title generator) and Awesome Titles.



When I write my outlines I like no distractions so I turn off and exit out of all distracting screens.

I like to use ZenPen or OneNote.



Some of the sites I like to use to find royalty free pictures are Creative Commons, Free Digital Photo and Photo Gen.




When I create social media content one of the sites I like to use is Canva.


Some free blog  writing sites are Blogger and WordPress.

Okay so now that¬† you learned how to write a blog post for free let’s recap everything we covered.

You learned how to write a blog post quickly using the 7 step formula.

I also gave you tons of tools to help you

If you want some blog writing examples just check out my other posts and check them out.

Now that you know “how to write a blog post quickly” what are you going to do?

Hold on to this information, and file it away for later

Which we both know later mean I will forget about it.

Or take action and go write a blog post now and start seeing all the traffic flow into your website?

Your Friend,

Christina Spohr

Want To Learn How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Saving You More Time?

Learn How To Schedule Posts On Facebook To Save Time

In this post you will learn how to schedule posts on Facebook.

First off scheduling posts on Facebook  will save you time in your business and day.

In your business right now you might post every couple hours on Facebook.

Posting here and there when you remember or you have time.

That is  why you are reading this post.  You want and easier way.


Another reason you want to learn how to schedule posts on Facebook profile  is consistency.

Think about it…

If you want to post 3 times a day but get busy and only get to post once or not even at all.

It will be hard for people to see you in the  news feed.

I mean think about all the content that  is getting published every second by someone.

You want your content to be seen and people  to remember you.

That is why scheduling posts is so effective.

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Fan Page

Now let’s show you how to schedule posts on Facebook Fan Page.

All you have to do is   go to your Facebook fan page.

If you don’t have a fan page and are not sure how to create one

Watch the video I made that shows you how.


Now once you are there go to the post button.

Type your message and before you publish there is a clock in the bottom of the screen.

Click it and select the  time and date you want your post to publish.

Easy right?

You might be wondering how to schedule posts on Facebook groups.

Unfortunately you can’t do that.

You are only allowed to post on the fan page,

At least for now anyway.

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Using Third Party Tools

Let’s look at how to schedule¬† posts on Facebook profile using other marketing tools.

I mentioned earlier you can only schedule Facebook posts on a fan page directly from Facebook.

That is why it is nice to have third party sites that will automate the process for you.

But it is important to keep in mind that Facebooks algorithm will recognize this and will not rank your post as high.

Two their party sites you can use  are

Hootsuite and Buffer.

Keep in mind when you post through the site there is a message showing where this post originated from.

So people know it is automated.

You can directly share your post through Instagram. Facebook loves Instagram.

Let’s Recap, everything you learned about “how to schedule posts on Facebook.”

First you learned it will save you time and help your consistency which helps your posts get seen.

You learned how to schedule posts on Facebook business page (fan page).

And you know two third party social media automation tools.

I want to hear from you.

Did you know you could schedule your posts on Facebook fan page?

How often do you post on Facebook?

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